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Thread: wood flooring determines the consumer's

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    wood flooring determines the consumer's

    <p>see that the current domestic laminate flooring industry concentration is not high enough, the main reason is that the level of competition is too low. The market economy laws show that in a mature industry,<a href='http://hardyflooring.co.uk/wpc-deck/3789.html'>pictures of outdoor decorative panels</a> the 'leader' team's market share should be around 70% to 80%. And now located in China's laminate flooring industry, the top 20 enterprises together, the market share of not more than 40%. It can be seen, capital, technology, manpower,geo deck weight per lineal foot forest resources and other market economy elements are not concentrated, it can not create a drive industry and products to the healthy development of the road 'power train.' Mr. Li Wei, the final analysis, said </p>
    <p>China to strengthen the wood flooring industry Ebb Tide, is imperative. Enterprises in order to obtain sustained international competitiveness, so that industrial development into a virtuous circle of the track,<a href='http://deckingboards.org/wall-panel/2666.html'>platinum burl panels</a> we must enhance the level of competition.how to build roof using vinyl roof panels This is the result of people's hope that this situation is coming soon.Acer Group held a press conference at the Kunlun Hotel in Beijing, its latest product macro resistant nano-composite silver ion antimicrobial flooring and European landing simultaneously in the Chinese market. As the first batch of Chinese anti-bacterial materials and products Association governing units and the Chinese anti-bacterial signs </p>
    <p>product certification unit, Hong resistance to the floor has always pursued a 'people-oriented' spirit, macro resistance in the calendar year of the State Quality and Technical Supervision sampling evaluation ,<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/deck/1629.html'>can i use vinyl plank flooring outdoors</a> All the amount of formaldehyde to meet the European EO-class standards, far better than the national standard. The new nanocomposite silver ion antimicrobial flooring is based on the latest European environmental standard (F-Zreo3) substrate, the substrate used in the production of higher cost of the tripolyamine gel, it is completely free of formaldehyde.keter springfield fence This floor using mature technology for production, the product added 'nano-composite silver ion </p>

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